Flexible workforce for managers, supervisors and production staff with a small salary budget - but with high employee claims


Make more money on your projects

To land large projects is always a challenge: Perhaps these are orders that are larger than your regular staff can handle? Perhaps it is a long-term project of great complexity? Then hire project workers who can handle the job. Effectively and within budget.

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Manpower for just about anything

No matter if you build houses, work with metal, supply energy, sell machine dampers, build ships or perform electrical installations, it may be critical to align and adapt your current crew to the orders you have.

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When you need the man for the job

It takes time to find a new employee. Time that you seldom have. It may turn out to be impossible to find the right person in Denmark? We have a database with 10.000+ profiles. And we will find your new employee quickly – no matter if you are looking to hire Danish or East European labor.

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Our latest projects

"Esvagt Froude” is ESVAGT’s first specially build tug/supply vessel for advanced transport of service technicians and spare parts to offshore windfarms. The ship has its own workshop and big storage facilities at the aft for the windmills. It has room for a crew of 40 technicians and a crew of 20 sailors.


Scan Con Group is one of Scandinavia’s leading contracting companies with 20+ years of experience. We deliver flexible workforces for shipbuilding, for the oil- and gas industry, for water-, wind- and power plants, as well as for production, industry and construction. Both nationally and internationally. We also offer fixed price contracts on shipbuilding.


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1 JOB2SEA – Maritime Professionals, ashore and at sea

JOB2SEA is a recruiting and hiring agency, including a job board tailor-made for the maritime sector, both ashore and at sea. We hold one of the world’s largest CV-databases of the most highly skilled and experienced maritime professionals. We feature jobs ashore and at sea 24-7-365, covering all areas within the maritime sector.

2 RADSAMEE – Durable work wear with your company colors

RADSAMEE Ltd. , based in Thailand, is founded in cooperation with Scan Con Group, and produces denim work wear with a superior durability. All work wear comes in the exact colors wanted – and with many smart og thought-through details

3 LEANPOINT – The ERP system of the future

LeanPoint is an online ERP platform that specializes in time tracking, task management, and planning of medium to larger workforce’s, maintenance, construction and logistics. The solution integrates with the leading payroll/finance systems on the market and is supported by the advanced LeanPoint Time Tracking App, which ensures accurate record of hours for designated employees.

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