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FAQ - before, during and after working

How do I send an application?

You send your application on email to CV@scan-con.dk. Remember to enclose an updated CV, your letter of education, any relevant courses/certificates, and details about your next of kin. If we need any further documentation, we will contact you directly.

Acute problem – what do I do

Call us on the phone +45 32 82 00 00

Office hours are:
Monday – Thursday from 8.00-16.00 / Friday from 8.00-15.30

Outside office hours your call is transferred to one of our administration employees who will assist you.
Use the hotline for emergencies and necessities only.

Where do you have jobs?

We have jobs all over Scandinavia – especially in Norway. Typically on big work sites and projects, but we also have jobs for smaller companies.

How much do I have to work?

That is up to you. You can always say “No thank you” to a job offer. Our projects vary in length, and many are in rotations, for example 18 days out working, and 9 days at home

How do I get started?

We will send you a contract with all details about your salary, stay, transport and diet. Everything is written according to agreement.

You will also get detailed info about where and who you will meet on your first day of work. It will show the name and mobile number for the contact person who will receive you on the working site.

What do you expect of me?

You are our representative, so when you come to work, it is a good idea to follow some simple advice. If you follow them, it will be you the customers are asking for when they need a worker again the next time.

• Be there in good time, and present yourself
• Show initiative. Remember, it is busy, and the more you are helping, the better
• Do the job you are hired to do
• Have a sence of what is going on, and be discreet about the knowledge you gain
• Wear your working clothes, be groomed and sober
• Remeber to have your timesheet approved and signed

We also expect that you – after saying Yes to a job – are not cancelling, unless you get sick. Contact us immediately on phone +45 32 82 00 00, if you are sick or delayed.

What is my salary?

You salary is according to the work site agreement as minimum

We are members of Arbejdsgiverne, and we respect agreements between the customer and professional organizations. If the customer is paying a higher salary to his permanent employees, than what the agreement prescribes, you will get same salary as your collegues.

When do I get paid when I work in Denmark?

Your salary is paid on Fridays in odd weeks.

To get your salary, you have to send your timesheet every Monday by email to Timeseddel@scan-con.dk or fax it to +45 32 82 00 01. The timesheet must be signed by you and the customer. Remember: send the timesheet timely!

Call the accounting office on +45 32 82 00 17, if you have questions about salary.

When do I get paid when I work abroad?

Your salary is paid on Fridays in odd weeks.

To get your salary, you have to send your timesheet every Monday to Timeseddel@scan-con.dk or fax to +45 32 82 00 01. The timesheet must be signed by you and the customer. Remember: send the timesheet timely!

Call accounting office on +45 32 82 00 21, if you have questions about Danish salary.

Will I get holiday money?

Your holiday pay will be settled at FeriepengeInfo (HolidaypayInfo).
The qualification year is the calendar year (1 /1 - 31/12), and the holiday is held during the holiday year (1/5 - 30/4 the following year).

Do I get pension?

You will get pension if you are minimum 18 years old, and have 2 months of seniority in the last 2 years, where you have worked under a agreement that gives you the right and duty to membership of Industriens Pension.

What happens if I get sick?

If you are sick and cannot come to work, you have to call us on +45 32 82 00 00 before 09:00 o’clock the same day. If you are sick for more than 1 day, you must call us every day before 09:00. Otherwise we cannot pay compensation for your sick days.

Do I get sickness benefits?

You will get compensated while sick according to current law.

If you have been hired for more than 8 weeks, and if you worked 74 hours or more during this period, you will get sickness benefits paid from us. If you worked less than 8 weeks, you will be compensated from the municipality you live in, if you are entitled to it.

Can I get my payslip electronically?

We will send it to your email address. Remember to tell us if you are changing your address, account number, or mobile number. If you have an online profile here, you can change some of these details yourself.

Must I send my tax card?

No. We will get it from SKAT electronically. Just remember, that you are responsible for the details in it to be correct.

What about working clothes and personal protective equipment?

When you start a job, you will get working clothes and necessary personal protective equipment. If you need help, call us on +45 32 82 00 00

How long is my notice of termination?

You have the notice of termination as stated in the agreement