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Hire Danish and east European professionals


No matter if you build houses, work with metal, supply energy, sell machine dampers, build ships or perform electrical installations, it may be critical to align and adapt your current crew to the orders you have.

That makes your salary expenses variable, and you can adjust your activities to your order book.

  • Use us when ...

  • eYou need workers here and now (you just do not know for how long)
  • eYou are tired of having periods with workers that have too little to do
  • eYou get a project or express order, that you cannot execute because you are undermanned.
  • You can hire temporary workers for this:

  • eShip building
  • eOil and gas industry
  • eProduction, industry og construction
  • eWater, wind- and powerplant industry
  • You can hire these:

  • eBlack and Stainless steel, titanium and aluminum (blacksmiths and welders within the metal industry, on-/offshore, dairy and cooling plants, steel constructions in shipyards and more)
  • eShip builders / Construction- and blacksmiths / Ship fitters / Electro-smiths (jobs on shipyards and on-/offshore)
  • ePipefitters (jobs within shipyards, on- / offshore and industry)
  • eElectricians
  • eInsulators – for industrial insulation in power plants, heating plants and oil refineries, ships insulation and insulation of coolers and freezers
  • eRiggers / Scaffold workers (all types of riggers and scaffolding in shipyards, on- / offshore and entrepreneuring)
  • eShips mechanics / Industry technicians / Machine operators (all types of jobs)
  • ePainters / Surface treatment (all types of jobs)

  • You can hire a workforce of one - or an entire crew. All temporary workers are hired according to agreement, and we handle the social costs and administration.