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When you are working in Scan Con Group, you also get the safety of being hired into a company with more than 20 years experience. You decide when are where you want to work. You are not obligated to accept our job offer. On the other hand, we cannot always guarantee a job for you, even if you want one.

No matter what: When you work for us, we do everything we can to live up to your expectations. Be sure of that.

  • This is what you get

  • eYou will receive offers for long-term or short projects
  • eIf you take a job abroad, it is on rotation with the opportunity to make good money
  • eYou will be hired on contract by agreement
  • eYou can be sure to get your salary on time
  • eYou will get working gear and personal safety equipment
  • eWe handle the travels abroad and the accomodation – and we are open 24H. You are never alone
  • eWe comply with all agreements and ensure that you get good conditions
  • eWe make sure that you get a good start at the customer
  • eYou have back-up from a reputable company – one of Scandinavias largest in its field

  • All in all: We handle all the practical things, so that you can focus on working.