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Scan Con Group is a contracting company with more than 20 years experience in supplying manpower for production, industry and construction. Both nationally, and internationally.

We handle fixed price projects, temporary workers and recruiting Danish and East European manpower. BUT – you also get working clothes and tools in the package. As well as machines, equipment, welding machines, generators, jacks and cars, if you need it.

We found flexible manpower for everything from Polish ship builders and Romanian ships electricians on ship building for the Norwegian oil industry, to construction projects throughout all of Scandinavia. We have Danish panel builders in Holland, German builders in Denmark, Polish foreman in Portugal and Danish blacksmiths in Sweden.


  • Our plegde:

  • eYou don’t have to worry about diets, holiday money, pension… ALL paperwork
  • eYou are backed up by a well established contracting company, with year-long customer relations and professional administration of contracts, salaries and taxes – and that can help with anything: Tools, equipment, transport and accommodation
  • eYou will get a professional crew for a good price. We have 10.000+ Danish, Polish and Romanian profiles in our database
  • eNo matter if you need 1 or 50 workers, we are fast (and we have more than 20 years experience)
  • eYou will be given a regular contact person with us, one who knows you and your business
  • Deep roots. Big ambitions. High standards.

  • eWe employ many hundred men with very different backgrounds on projects worldwide
  • eWe have offices and subsidiaries in Denmark, Poland, Romania, China, Thailand and India
  • eWe derive from Nakskov Shipyard which was abandoned as production yard in 1987. Therefore, our logo is a sextant - the classic instrument for angle measurement in the shipping sector, which sets the course towards new goals and positions
  • eWe have been here since 1991. This makes us one of the most well established contracting companies within crew all-inclusive. And experience cannot be replaced
  • We are in it together

  • The torque in the Scan Con engine room is people. We navigate to make our customers flexible and free of heavy administration. We do not see ourselves as a supplier, but as an ally.

  • We want not only to operate a profitable business (even though it's fun!) - But also to fill our social and ethical responsibilities.

  • Let us be clear about it: We are not religious. Having said this, we are pleased with the karma-idea that what you do well, you get back in return. Behaving properly and showing mutual respect, will open a wealth of opportunities over time.

  • Actions leave traces.