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 Time and economy are critical factors with shipbuilding. Especially because of the large investments and complex projects, and working under severe time pressure.

 We are specialists in carrying out entire entreprise contracts, and we are 100 % ajour with what is going on, on both the lower, middle and upper decks.

 You can have fixed price agreements on both pipe systems, ship sections, equipment and electrical installations.

  • This is what you get with a fixed price agreement:

  • eYou get an overview of all costs
  • e You are in FULL control over your budgets (and avoiding unpleasant surprices)
  • eYou avoid labor management – og having too many foremen on the work site
  • eYou avoid long nights with backbreaking project management (and you will get your nights sleep)
  • When we set the course and head out, it is full speed forward

  • When we set sails, we keep them hoisted until the job is done according to the agreed quality – and delivered on time. You can be sure to get competitive prices – and transparent and predictable costs.

  • You will also always get a feedback you can trust.