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What type of labor can you get?

Skilled and unskilled labor, blacksmiths, welders, electric blacksmiths, shipbuilders, pipefitters, fitters, electricians, mechanics and the like in particular. We have more than 10,000 updated profiles in our database.

All employees are hand-picked in Denmark, Poland and Romania. And they are stable employees, who often remain with us for years.

How do I hire temporary workers?

When you order workers, you need to tell us about:

• The type and length of the job
• Company name and SE-number
• Contact person and telephone number

We will get a credit approval for your company, and we will send you a order confirmation. You sign it, and sent it back to us.

On the first day of work, your worker will show in working clothes to the agreed time.

Once a week you sign the worksheet that shows the number of hours the worker has had. Based on that, you will receive an invoice without any surprices.

Easy, right?

It is the same procedure, by the way, no matter if you hire 1 or 20 workers. NB: Did we mention that you will be appointed a regular customer supporter, that keeps in close contact with you?

How fast can you get a worker?

With a few hours notice. If it is for a longterm project, we would like to have a few days.

Recruiting and permanent hiring of professionals from Poland and Romania we can handle in 5 days.

What does it cost to hire a worker?

All our prices are calculated as an hourly rate per hour worked effectively. What your hourly rate will be, depends on the type of workers you need.

How do you ensure that your workers are good for the job?

We conduct interviews, and make skill forms, that map out the professional- and personal skills, as well as language and social skills:

• Education, certificates and/or work experience
• Professional level
• Work functions the temporary worker can perform
• Personal abilities – for example independence, cooperation a.s.o.

That is why you will get exactly the temporary worker, the permanent employee or crew of professionals that you need.

Do you work under agreement?

Yes, we have a long and good tradition for cooperating with professional organizations.

We are member of Arbejdsgiverne, and signed agreements with Dansk Metal and LO. We also respect all agreements between our customers and professional organizations.

In Norway we are approved by the norwegian authorities to hire out workers.

Do I pay if the worker is sick?

No, we pay for the worker being sick.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with the temporary worker?

Notify us about the problem, and do it before 16:00 o’clock on the 2nd working day. We will get you another temporary worker with no cost.

What is my notice of termination?

3 days. The agreement can continuously be terminated or extended