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    Aas Mekaniske Verksted is one of Scan Con’s old cooperation partners. The shipyard has specialized themselves in building well boats for the Norwegian fishing industry, but also build other types of boats.

    This is where our roots in the shipbuilding industry comes into its own. For many years, we have supplied skilled people for their projects - particularly shipbuilders and welders. These people are recruited in the Polish shipbuilding industry, and our office in Poland have screened them all.

    Besides the people on the steel construction works, we have a partnership with their incumbent supplier of electricians, so we also supply electricians on new builds. Here we have successfully recruited Romanian electricians.

    Specially about this job:
    VWe supplied personnel - complete with equipment
    Coordinating personnel to ensure a steady crew number and keep up progress
    The yearlong and close cooperation, which gives peace of mind to the customer
    Aas Mekaniske Verksted
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