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  • Tine Mejeriet (Tine Dairy)

    Tine Mejeriet was a Norwegian project, where 6 smaller dairies were to be made into 1 big dairy. Skala, who were managing the fitting of the processing equipment, is one of our old corporation partners.

    We have supplied welders/pipefitters for them throughout the years – complete with service cars, so they can work independently under their management. We also supplied manpower to building a brewery and a smaller dairy.

    Specially about this job:
    We had a working foreman on site, to assist the foremen from Skala
    Containers were delivered to keep tools, equipment and work stations
    We were there all the way from the planning phase, so we were able to ensure a stable number of fitters
    VWe were handling nearly all prefab of pipelines
    Skala Prosessteknikk
    Jæren, Norge
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