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  • Ulstein Verft (Ulstein Shipyard)

    Ulstein Verft is one of the oldest cooperation partners in Scan Con Group.

    Through time, we have supplied nearly all types of personnel required to build ships: Ship builders and smiths for the heavy duty steel work. Electricians for installing equipment. Cabinetmakers for furnishing the cabins. Ship fitters and mechanics for hydraulics and engine work. Pipefitters for fitting and welding pipelines.

    We have especially many ship builders, welders and scaffolders, who are working on their X-Bow ships, which is Ulsteins own design.

    Specially for this job:
    Vi We have a foreman on site, to make sure that all jobs proceed according to plan


    All personnel is supplued with the necessary equipment, tools and welding machines
    Our personnel is working in a planned rotation, to ensure optimal crewing to keep up with time schedules
    Ulstein Verft
    Ulsteinvik, Norway
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